About Millcreek Furniture

Founded in 1991 by Troy Poulson, Millcreek Furniture has become a leader in custom furniture design and production. Through the years Troy and his talented team of craftsman at Millcreek have refined their manufacturing processes, always striving to improve the quality and design of the end product. Millcreek's designers have created a distressing and aging process which is truly one of a kind. Each piece is crafted by hand and is given its own unique finish and distressing, to stand alone as a unique piece of art as well as a fine piece of American bench-made furniture. Our talented team of professionals strive to meet and exceed your expectations on all levels, from our original designs to our meticulous craftsmanship to our project management and customer service.


Sound Environmental Practices

MillCreek Furniture believes that sound environmental practices are smart business. We want to do our part to ensure that we live in an environment that is clean, balanced and sustainable. To accomplish this, we are members of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC). As members, we strive to procure wood that is legally harvested and carries the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification. Millcreek uses low VOC stains, paints and finishes and recycles excess paint materials. We work to eliminate unrecyclable and unsustainable content in our primary materials that go into any product under our control. At MillCreek, we believe that respecting the environment from which we draw our materials will enable us and future generations to live sustainably.

Production Process

Millcreek "works smart" to make your project a reality. After years of innovation in design and production, we are proud to offer our clients the most consistent, scalable, quality-controlled production process in fine furniture making. From concept to completion, our design and building teams act as your collaborators, helping you create the unique furniture that expresses your vision. Whether your design is original or you want to customize an existing style, we offer an array of options--from sizing to finishes.

Design & Custom

As artisans, Millcreek honors the best of the old and embraces the best of the new--in design, in craftsmanship and research and development. Millcreek is passionate about helping you create and finesse every detail of your project, continuously improving every step of the custom design process. Millcreek excels in unique designs, gorgeous wood, hand carving, and custom veneering, along with integrating ironwork, hand turning, elegant joinery, beautiful imported hardware and our palette of hand-applied finishes into the finished piece. Any of Millcreek's products can be customized to suit your client's needs. You can even submit your designs to us, and we'll bring them to life.

Finishes & Hand Painting

Millcreek Furniture's products are of heirloom quality, so your investment will not only please you but many generations to come. The Millcreek team has spent thousands of hours perfecting our finishing and distressing techniques. The depth and beauty of each finish begin with a thorough sanding and the artistic application of various levels of distress. All of Millcreek's 52 in-house-designed, multi-step finishes are meticulously applied by hand, giving each piece its own unique identity. We also offer complete custom finishing and matching and can create nearly any finish imaginable.